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  • ULTIMATE EMULSION*Quick drying *No blistering or flaking *High coverage *High scrub resistance *Environmentally friendly *Fast drying
  • WALL SATIN*Glossy emulsion *Fast drying *High coverage *Excellent washability to remove dirts and stains *Does not generate heat
  • MEYERTEX*Fire retardant *Highly durable *Flexible to weather change *Good obliteration
  • GLADIATOR*Outstanding water repellant *Excellent for high rise buildings and coastal areas *Last for up to 15 years
  • AUTO REFINISHES*Good mechanical properties *Good colour retention *Weather resistant *Avavailable in all colours
  • MARINE, INDUSTRIALS & HPCRed Oxide Primer , Chlorinated Rubber Paint (Finish & Primer), Chlorinated Anti-Fouling Paint , Nc Enamel Paint(Primer And Finish), Self Etch Primer, Epoxy Based Road Marking/Lining Paint, Alkyd Zinc Phosphate Primer, Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer, Aluminium High Build (Primer), Acrylic Road Marking Paint, Poly Urathane Top Coat, Quick Dry Enamel Paint(Finish), Stoving Enamel Paint (Finish), Paint Remover, Epoxy Floor Paint, Alkyd Floor Paint, Epoxy Paint (Finish And Primer)
  • WOOD FINISHES*Our range of wood finishes provides excellent protection for your wood works
  • ULTIMATE GLOSS*High gloss and good colour retention *Easy to paint over *Easy to apply by brush *Roller and spray
  • GREENWICH ALPHA ETFThis is an open-ended ETF that tracks the "NSE-30 index." It is designed to enable investors obtain market exposure to the securities of the constituent companies of the NSE-30 index
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Welcome to Meyer Plc where all that matter to us is "nothing but a perfect finish"

We manufacture high quality products to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our product range covers decorative paints, auto refinishes, wood finishes, HPC products and industrial/marine products.

Our high quality water based glossy paint would inspire you to imagine how beautiful that your interior walls might look.

Your high rise structures would love the feel and protection of our Gladiator brand which beautifies and protect for a long number of years.

The marine and industrial environments are also safe with our professionally formulated products.

This website presents you with vital information on our products and professional painting ideas that give you "nothing but a perfect finish"

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  that the 46th Annual General Meeting of Meyer Plc will be held at Plot 34, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue,...more

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