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Wall Satin (Specialized Premium)
Gladiator (Specialised Premium)
Ultimate Emulsion (Premium)
Ultimate Gloss (Premium)
Imperial Emulsion (Standard)
Imperial Gloss (Standard)
Meyertex Plus (Premium)
Semi–Gloss Latex Emulsion
Vinyl Silk
Velvet Matt
Gloss Matt
Egg Shell




Excellent adhesion to concrete stones and plaster.

Fire retarding properties.

Highly durable.

Easy to paint over.

Flexible and can be redecorated with
either Ultimate or Imperial Emulsion.

Easy to apply by roller.

Extra protected from fungal attack with DFP.

Good patterning

Covers up slight irregularities, cracks and
imperfections in existing walls.

Flexible to weather change.

Excellent alkali resistance. May be applied on all types of cement and asbestos.

Good obliteration.

Textured wall paint for long lasting exposure.

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