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Auto Refinishes
Indusrial, Marine, HPC
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Meyer Plc is a one-stop paint solution Company. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide total quality paint products.

We today can deliver a diverse range of paint products at very competitive prices. Our Product Portfolio ranges from architectural, auto refinishes, industrial, marine and high performance coatings as well as wood refinishes.

Customer Curiosity
Quite simply, our products reflect our genuine interest in the things our customers love and don’t have (yet). As part of our business idea, we insist on keeping costs low and always try to use resources wisely when developing our products. We rely as much on market analysis as we do on our customers’ feedback and suggestions.

World Class Production Process / know-how
Our processes and expertise has provided us an edge in all our products. With our state of the art manufacturing processes, we find ways to get the most out of raw materials. We are constantly coming up with smart solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Based on our profound knowledge and experience in the industry, we offer a global understanding combined with strong local expertise in the development of the innovative and competitive products our customers need.

Our range of products is made from the finest materials available. Our products are characterized by excellent quality and environmental friendliness at competitive prices.
We are proficient in effectively and economically utilizing world class raw materials to deliver high quality paint products.

Environmental Consciousness
At Meyer plc, we work to ensure that our products are adapted to minimize any negative impact on the environment, and are safe for customers from a health perspective.

When you use DN Meyer product, you get "nothing but a perfect finish".

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