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company polocies

Quality Policy
Our Company is fully committed to providing paints, coatings and similar products of consistent quality to the satisfaction of our customers at all times.

This will be achieved through the optimal use of processes and procedures which guarantee product quality that conforms to acceptable National and International Standards.

To ensure that this commitment is achieved and sustained, Management shall provide necessary resources, while employees are obliged to carry out their duties in accordance with agreed procedures.


Environmental Policy
Our company is totally committed to providing products and services of the highest quality, whilst we remain concerned with sustainable development through upholding environmental principles and practices.

To prevent potential harmful effects on the environment, we are committed to upholding the best practices in environmental management by:-

• Developing systems, procedures and best business practices for complying with applicable environmental legislation and regulations.

• Ensure that our operations and products are safe for the employees, customers, suppliers/contractors, other stakeholders and the environment.

• Being fully committed to complying with applicable environmental standards and instituting immediate remedial measures where and when necessary.

• Seeking continuous improvement on the drive towards eliminating any negative impact of our operations on the environment through applicable policies and process reviews.


HSE Policy Statement
DN Meyer PLC recognizes and promotes the importance of (HSE) at all times. Therefore, we strive to conduct our operations in a manner that will help prevent accidents, injuries and dangers to the health and well being of our employees, customers and the general public.

The company’s policy will however not conflict with the customers’ procedures in place, providing such procedures are in line with Government legislation. The Management will fulfill its commitments and responsibilities through the implementation of HSE Management system.

DN Meyer PLC supports these commitments by creating awareness and providing training and resources for all personnel to perform their duties safely while protecting the environment.

All employees are expected to observe the safety regulations as stipulated in the company’s safety manual and commonly recognized safe working practices in the exercise of their duties. Unsafe practices and conditions as well as accidents must be reported to the immediate Supervisor for necessary actions. Safe work practice is now a condition of employment in DN Meyer PLC

Control of accidents is the responsibility of all employees and accountability rests with the Supervisors and Managers of each operation while the Quality Assurance, Safety, Health & Environment Manager monitors and reports compliance.

Finally, no job is so important and no service is so urgent that time cannot be taken to perform them safely.

Complaint Management Policy
This document describes the Complaint Handling Policy of DN Meyer Plc which is being implemented to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the Nigerian Capital Market in order to promote transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.

For the purpose of this document, the DN Meyer Plc shall hereinafter be referred to as “DNM” or "the Company" and the Securities & Exchange Commission shall be referred to as “SEC”.

Our objective is to minimize damage to our reputation and reduce the risk of litigation by handling and resolving complaints from our investors or prospective investors, and stakeholders in a timely, effective yet consistent manner. All complaints received shall be treated with dispatch and confidentiality.
This policy has been established in accordance with the provisions of the SEC Rules relating to the Complaints Management Framework of the Nigerian Capital Market.

Application and Scope
The Complaint Management Policy is intended to assist DNM’s Investors and enhance market integrity in the long run. The policy shall apply to the Stakeholders in relation to the operations of DNM in the Capital Market.

In accordance with the rules provided by the SEC on Complaints Management of the Nigerian capital market, the following matters will not be considered complaints for deliberation by DNM:

a. Complaints that are incomplete or not specific.
b. Allegations without supporting documents.
c. Statements offering suggestions or seeking guidance or explanation.
d. Seeking explanation for non-trading of shares or illiquidity of shares.
e. Expression of dissatisfaction with trading price of the shares of the Company.
f. Complaints made anonymously.
g. Disputes arising out of private agreements with the Company or intermediaries.
h. Any other matter as may be determined by the SEC from time to time.

Purpose of Complaints Management System
DNM recognizes that complaints and their resolution:
• are about accountability,
• are an important part of customer service,
• are inevitable and must be managed effectively,
• cost money and reflect badly on DNM if not handled properly, and
• can lead to business process improvement.

Therefore, the Complaints Management Policy is as follows:
• To make the complaint process transparent and accessible.
• To constructively set out its approach to complaints.
• To handle and resolve complaints in line with the framework of the SEC.
• To ensure that DNM takes full ownership of complaints and that a positive and proactive approach is adopted to resolving the complaints in line with the guidelines of the SEC.

Complaint(s) shall be considered for deliberation only when submitted in writing with the following required information:
a. Complainant’s Name
b. Membership/Shareholder Identification number (where applicable)
c. Date of Complaint
d. Contact details of Complainant (Mobile phone number, return address etc.)
e. Details of Complaint
f. Copy of Complainant’s Share certificate (where applicable)
Complaint(s) submitted by e-mail should be addressed to info@meyerpaints.com. Where the complaint(s) is submitted by post, it should be addressed to:

The Chief Compliance Officer
DN Meyer Plc,
Plot 34, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue,
Oregun Industrial Estate,
Alausa, Ikeja.

Acknowledgement Letter
When DNM receives a complaint, an acknowledgment letter shall be sent to the Complainant within 2 (two) working days of receipt if the complaint was sent by email and 5 (five) business days of receipt where the complaint was sent by post. The acknowledgement letter shall contain the following elements:

• Name of the person responsible for handling the complaint;
• Key elements of the firm’s Complaint Policy; and
• Projected time for resolution of the complaint

Complaints received shall be managed by DNM on two levels. The first level shall be reviewed and possibly resolved by the Company Secretary; where the Company Secretary is unable to resolve the concerns of the Complainant, the complaint shall be referred to the Registrars of DNM.

DNM shall strive to resolve complaints within 10 (ten) working days from the date the complaint was received. The competent authority shall be notified of the resolution of the complaint within 2 (two) working days.

Where the complaint is not resolved within 10 (ten) working days, the Complainant or DNM shall refer the complaint to the relevant competent authority within 2 (two) working days. The letter of referral shall be accompanied by a summary of proceedings of events leading to the referral and copies of relevant supporting documents.

DNM shall maintain an electronic Complaints Register which shall contain the following details:
i. Name of the complainant
ii. Date of the complaint
iii. Nature of complaint
iv. Complaint details in brief
v. Remarks/comments

The Complaints Register shall be updated regularly and status reports of complaints filed therein shall be forwarded to the SEC quarterly.

Feedback And Responsiveness
Once decisions have been reached on complaints made, Complainants shall be advised of the outcome.
Complaints shall be tracked and time frames for resolution monitored while Complainants shall be entitled to progress report in respect of same.

Any internal problem revealed by a Complaint shall be communicated to the General Manager, Control & Compliance of DNM who shall be responsible for the resolution of the internal problem revealed by the complaint.

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